Tsunami Girl

Tsunami Girl

By Julian Sedgwick, Illustrated by Chie Kutsuwada (Guppy Books)
  • Fiction
  • Set in Japan and America

Keywords: contemporary, coming-of-age, earthquake, tsunami, survival

Fifteen-year-old Yuki is struggling at school with her confidence, and goes to Japan to stay with her grandfather, a well-known manga artist and to whom she is very close. But during her visit, a calamitous event occurs – the East Coast Earthquake and Tsunami – and her beloved Grandpa is lost.

Yuki and her friend Taka must make sense of the terrible situation and come to terms with the loss of their life as they knew it – and see that through renewal and with resilience, they can emerge from this tragedy with optimism for the future.

Interwoven with Japanese folk tales, modern-day ghost stories, and the creation of her very own vibrant manga hero, Yuki finds the courage to overcome extraordinary odds, and take her first steps into the world that lies beyond catastrophe.

Told through both prose and manga, with powerful, emotional manga from acclaimed Japanese artist, Chie Kutsuwada, this story for young adults will touch the heart of readers of all ages.