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Why should I take a course on East Asia?

One of the main benefits of taking part in an NCTA course is becoming better able to serve students in an increasingly complex world. Teachers often tell us they gave the region limited attention not because they considered it less important, but because they simply lacked background on it. By taking an NCTA course, you will work with East Asia specialists to increase and deepen your understanding of East Asia. We seek to work with educators to strengthen the readiness of students to understand and operate in a world where we are increasingly intertwined.

Are NCTA courses remote or in-person?

NCTA offers courses that are both remote and in-person. Recently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our in-person courses have been taught online. To see what is available in-person in your area, click the “in-person” option when searching for a course.

NCTA programs offer a range of incentives, requirements, and grade-level audiences for the courses on your site. How are these determined?

NCTA courses are offered by seven national coordinating sites and several partner sites located at major universities across the country. Each site sets its own requirements, incentives, and target audience, providing a variety to serve as many teachers as possible. Please check each course description for these details.

Why do I see results outside of the state I searched?

This filter searches what is available to teachers in the selected state (not what is offered by institutions in that state). The results will include in-person programs as well as most remote programs since they don't require in-person attendance. However, some remote programs are still limited to teachers within a certain state or region - those programs are filtered out when not available in the selected state.

Do NCTA courses offer university credit?

Most NCTA courses offer professional development hours. University credit is available for some courses. Information about credit is detailed in the individual course descriptions.

How is NCTA able to offer programs at no or low cost?

NCTA programs are funded by a generous grant from the Freeman Foundation.