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Seminars & Short Courses

With all the media emphasis on the growing influence of China, the Korean pop culture wave and the nuclear situation in North Korea, it is easy these days to overlook what is going on in contemporary Japan. This short summer program will examine selected …

Webinars & Presentations

This webinar is part of the Cycling Taiwan program, but we welcome anyone to participate.

Seminars & Short Courses

Discover East Asian visual arts in this seminar, exploring the blend of tradition and innovation from ancient times to present. Learn about contemporary art and urban culture in major East Asian cities, and examine the impact of film, manga, and …


Spend three days exploring works of Asian art on display at the Seattle Art Museum and Seattle Asian Art Museum. Utilizing the collection, we will consider the original context within which objects were created and follow them along their paths of trade, …

Seminars & Short Courses

Discover the Korean Wave’s impact and learn how Korean films, K-pop, and other music genres captivate students worldwide. Explore the popularity of K-dramas and Korean TV shows. Delve into Webtoons, K-sports, and K-esports, bridging tradition and modern …

Seminars & Short Courses

Japan’s trajectory from 1945-1989 is a critical chapter in understanding Japan in the world, yet it is one that is often skipped in a crowded curriculum. How did Japan reinvent itself after WWII and why is it important in the world today?