Arts of Protest in Modern Korea

In 2020, the popular South Korean music group BTS and its fan communities grabbed headlines in the United States with their public support for the Black Lives Matter movement. In this workshop, we will take these recent interventions as points of departure for exploring the long tradition of socio-political activism in modern Korean arts and culture. By looking at a selection of examples from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, we will sample the variety of ways in which creative individuals in Korea have made their voices and perspectives heard in relation to globally relevant issues like imperialism, war, discrimination, and inequality. Participants will receive a list of related resources in order to assist them in bringing Korea-related content into their classrooms.

Participants will receive a certificate from North Carolina Teaching Asia Network confirming 2 hours of professional development for the completion of this workshop.

Workshop organizer
Dr. I. Jonathan Kief, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, UNC-CH

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