China and Japan Between 1860 and 1912

Between the years of 1860 and 1912 Japan and China went through tectonic shifts in every measurable category. Join Dr. Shelton Woods from Boise State University for an online seminar to explore this uniquely interesting and consequential period of history. Topics will include the Taiping Rebellion, China’s Self-Strengthening Movement, the Boxer Rebellion, the Sino-Japan War of 1894-95, the Meiji Restoration, the Russo-Japan War, and much more.

Program Leader
Dr. Shelton Woods will lead this program. Dr. Woods is a Professor of East/Southeast Asian History at Boise State University.

Programs Benefits
- Receive numerous books and classroom materials
- Have access to 15 online lectures
- Receive a $100 check for additional classroom resources
- Receive 20 free WA OSPI clock hours
- Gain a strong knowledge of Ancient China
- Develop ideas for integrating East Asia into your teaching
- Become a part of a national network of educators
- Earn professional development college credit