East Asia and the West

The one-day workshop will focus upon learning and teaching about Japan, North and South Korea, China, and Taiwan. Particular attention will be given to cultural comparisons and critical contemporary issues, both to understand East Asia and the West in history and learn more about contemporary global issues that involve the US and East Asia. Institute faculty include university professors with expertise on Asia and the West who have extensive experience and high participant evaluations for their work with high school and middle school teachers.

Workshop speakers and sessions include:
- Ron Kalafsky, Professor of Geography, University of Tennessee at Knoxville “The Physical Geographies of East Asia.”
- Lauren McKee, Associate Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies, Berea College, “Comparative Politics: Japan and the US.”
- Brandon Bolen, Assistant Professor of Economics, Mississippi College, “East Asia and Wealth Accumulation: Economic and Financial Literacy Lessons for Americans?”
- Clayton Brown, Associate Professor of History, Utah State University “China’s Great Leap Forward.”
- Lucien Ellington, UC Foundation Professor of Education and Asia Program Director, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga “Famous East Asian Entrepreneurs.

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