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East Asian Futurisms: Exploring Speculative Fiction’s Commentaries on Power, Identity, and Society

Science fiction often highlights competing ideologies, dreams, and provides subversive commentary on political issues. These stories also raise questions of which bodies are marked as “other” by categorization and placement in hierarchies, and/or understood as human.

This online seminar will offer an introduction to political, cultural, and social challenges represented in East Asian science fiction ranging from the 1970s era of Japanese Doraemon comics to contemporary Chinese science fiction. We will examine cartoons, films, and fictional works from Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Through online asynchronous course materials and four two-hour synchronous Zoom meetings, we will explore the way in which science fiction offers insights into understanding in a world that is rapidly changing.

As part of the seminar requirements, teachers will be asked to watch one or two films, complete several readings and respond to online discussion forum prompts and write individual reflective assignments that will be posted to Moodle. Viewing and reading these materials and posting responses may take several hours per week. These requirements and seminar materials (including its access) will be provided after registration.

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