East Asian Popular Culture

Join IU Northwest faculty member Diana Chen Lin for a K-12 educator professional development workshop focused on contemporary pop culture in East Asia. This workshop explores the social and cultural implications of East Asian pop culture both regionally and globally. It offers some explanations for the recent surge in popularity of East Asian popular culture, specifically focusing on Japanese pop music, anime, and manga, South Korean and Chinese pop music, along with related elements like video games, toys, and books. The discussion will contextualize East Asian pop culture in relation to American influence and mutual influences between East Asian countries. The workshop combines readings, songs, and videos in a discussion of methodologies to incorporate the content into the classroom.

All K-12 educators are welcome; teachers of AP Human Geography, World Cultures, Modern World History, Art, Global Studies, English, Media Literacy, and World Languages will find the topics particularly useful. Participants will be exposed to workshop topics through lectures, discussions, and activities that can be brought into the classroom and used to enhance global contextualization within Illinois and Indiana state academic standards.

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