Exploring Manga, Science, Peace & Politics: The Path of Snakes & Ladders

Join us as we explore (and play) a historical Japanese game that teaches children both the basics of physical science and world history through manga! Entitled “Atomic Sugoroku: Comics for Science Education,” this 1949 "snakes and ladders” board game has a colorful cast of characters personifying the traits of protons, electrons, and neutrons. As players race to the final goal (in this case, World Peace), they learn how these particles act in the context of atomic science and post-war Japan. Participants in this seminar will not only explore the game of sugoroku (a centuries-old game that is still popular today), but also learn about the global history of peace politics, science, and the Nobel Prize. In addition, workshop facilitators will share relevant teaching tools and discuss ways to incorporate these topics into wide ranging and cross-curricular classrooms.