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Exploring Taiwanese Black Tea with Hugosum

Chi-Mu Black Tea Factory at Xiangcha Lane in Yuchih was established by the Japanese to produce black tea. Mr. Shih Chao Xin, who graduated from Taiwan Tea Industry Transmitting Institute, managed the factory from 1949. The price of Taiwan black tea was so high that it won another name “Tea Gold” at that time. Mr. Shih persisted on black tea cultivation, even when others made a fortune by growing betel-nut palms, he still believed that black tea would come into spotlight again.

The second generation, Ms. Shih Zhu Hua and her husband, Mr. Chen Yen Quan, inherited her father’s tea making technology, devoted themselves not only to making good tea, but also to promoting Taiwan black tea culture. In 2005, the tourism tea factory Hugosum Black Tea Garden was established. In addition to educating customers about the black tea industry, Hugosum promotes local culture as well as Taiwanese black tea culture, and ultimately shows the world the Renaissance of Taiwan’s black tea.

Samples of Hugosum tea are available to the first 20 teachers who sign up and attend the webinar.