From Our Classrooms to Yours: Picture This! Traveling Through Time with Japanese Art and Manga

Come follow the “Journey along the Tōkaidō,” a series of engaging K-12 lesson plans compiled by East Asian Studies faculty at The Ohio State University with support from the Japan Foundation. This robust online teaching resource emphasizes change over time while comparing global cultures through the lenses of art and manga from Early Modern and Modern Japan (ca. 1800s to 1930s). Webinar participants will discover new ways to engage students in this exploration of Japan’s most important trade route, the Eastern Sea Route (the Tōkaidō), which has connected Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka since ancient times. While exploring the historical significance of the Tōkaidō, Dr. Ann Marie Davis (OSU) will discuss the “Tōkaidō Manga Scroll” (Tōkaidō gojūsantsugimanga emaki), created in 1921 by 18 members of the Tokyo Manga Association, vis-a-vis The 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō, a famous series of woodblock prints by celebrated artist Andō Hiroshige (1797-1858). Angie Stokes, junior high and high school art teacher, will take participants through several parts of the curriculum to share the ways in which she has used these close-looking activities in her own classroom as a means for engaging students of all abilities.