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Girls on the Line

Join the EARC and your colleagues to explore relevant, complex issues that affect China today, such as repercussions of the One-Child Policy and its resulting gender imbalance, human trafficking within China, urban-rural migration, factory workers and their rights, and much more. Girls on the Line provides a compelling, dual narrative from the perspective of two young girls. The story will throw you into the gritty reality of what it means to be young, female, and orphaned in China seeking financial and social independence.
In this program you will read and discuss this YA novel with fellow teachers, explore the cultural and historic context of the novel, learn how to use it in your classroom and find out how it connects with your curriculum. This book is best suited for teachers in grades 7-12, but we invite teachers of all subjects and grades to attend this workshop and learn more about modern day China.
Silvia De Cassan, EARC Assistant Director, and Matthew Sudnik, History Department Chair at The Madeira School, will lead this program.