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Graphic Memoir: “The Boy from Clearwater”

Explore the 1930s and 1950s Taiwan through the eyes of Tsai Kun-lin, a boy who was born in Qingshui. This true story begins with Tsai growing up in Japanese occupied Taiwan. Through Tsai’s eyes and the graphic artist’s pen, the reader comes face to face with a changing Taiwan: from an emerging war with military parades and air raids to Tsai’s friends being conscripted in the army. Yet it is after the war when Tsai becomes a victim of the White Terror era, that he faces ten years in prison…

Join program leader Tese Wintz Neighbor as we discuss this quick-to-read, long-to-ponder graphic memoir by Yu Pei-Yun, Zhou Jian-Xin (Illustrator), Lin King (Translator). It is the 2023 Freeman Book Award Winner-Graphic Novels for Middle and High School.