In a League of Their Own: Exploring Taiwan’s Colonial Past through the Baseball Film ‘Kano’

Join us for a virtual K-12 educator workshop exploring the history of Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule through the baseball film, 'Kano.' The film depicts the true story of the Kagi Agricultural and Forestry School (Kano) baseball team, an underdog, multi-ethnic team of Chinese, Indigenous Taiwanese, and Japanese high school players, who defied the odds to reach the 1931 Japanese High School Baseball Championship. While Korea’s experience as a Japanese colony is often discussed in textbooks, this workshop looks to highlight the unique contours of Taiwan’s colonial experience as well as how it is remembered in the country today. This program will include a discussion of the history of Japanese colonialism in Taiwan and how memories of colonialism shape Taiwanese identity. Speakers will also introduce a lesson plan, a website, and resources for integrating these themes into your classroom.