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Online NCTA Book Club: The Penguin Book of Modern Tibetan Essays (edited by Tenzin Dickie)

Join Tese Wintz Neighbor – and the “voices” of 22 Tibetan writers – as we explore their shared sense of loss and shared search for home. In the book "The Penguin Book of Modern Tibetan Essays," editor and translator Tenzin Dickie gives us a powerful, intimate, and engaging portrait of modern Tibetan life – outside of Tibet. Through their extraordinary voices, we as readers, join the authors as they grapple with what it means to be living in exile in all corners of the world. Dickie believes that their “homework” of writing an essay about Tibet becomes “a literary exercise in recovering the lost land.” As Tenzin Dickie writes in her introduction “The essay—as act of truth—changes not just the writer but also the reader.”