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Post-postwar Japan: Its Fall and Rise

Remember when Japan was poised to rule the world at the end of the 1980s (probably not)? Since 1989 the dominant narrative of Japan has been one of decline and increasing irrelevance. There are elements of truth in this story. Japan is a much different place today than it was thirty-five years ago. And yet, Japan has also proved a model for East Asia and other developed nations, economically, politically, demographically, and in terms of grappling with security and environmental challenges.

During this three-day in-person program teachers will be provided with with a concise, coherent and accessible discussion of the key aspects and the most surprising developments of post-postwar Japan and comprehend just how relevant this nation, its people and culture, continue to be. Beyond content, participants will have access to curriculum materials and we will discuss pedagogical strategies for working this knowledge into their courses.

This program will be led by Paul Dunscomb, Professor of East Asian History at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and by Melanie King, Art historian and educator.

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