Book & Film Groups

Shiver, Junji Ito’s manga horror short story collection

This no-cost, four-week course will delve into the stories and the author Junji Ito and will be facilitated by Mr. Morgan McLaughlin.

This book workshop will be run through a Google Site and discussion board. Each week will focus on three short stories.

Horror stories are loved by people all over the world. Manga is a worldwide phenomenon and many students love reading graphic novels. With millions of copies of his books sold worldwide and numerous stories turned into live action movies and anime, Junji Ito is widely recognized as a master of his craft. Participants in this book workshop will walk away with short stories that they can work into many different lessons.

Instructor: Mr. Morgan McLaughlin is an English and Social Studies teacher based in Minnesota. His first teaching position was on the US island of Tinian in Micronesia, an island with a rich history (most notably where both atomic bombs were loaded during WWII to reach Japan). Mr. McLaughlin is currently wrapping up his 11th year teaching and is preparing to move into a dual role of teacher/site director for the inner-city charter school where he works.