Teach Taiwan with ‘The Boy from Clearwater’

Dive into a slice of Taiwan's history in this interactive workshop for educators, featuring the new Freeman Award-winning graphic novel 'The Boy From Clearwater.'

'The Boy From Clearwater' is an incredible true story whose graphic novel form lays bare the tortured and triumphant history of Taiwan, an island claimed by and fought over by many countries, through the life story of a man who lived through some of its most turbulent times. The workshop opens with a lecture from Dr. Yao-Yuan Yeh, who will provide context of Taiwan's history in the 1930s–1950s, followed by an interactive panel and Q&A with the Boy From Clearwater's author, illustrator, and translator.

Free copies of 'The Boy From Clearwater' will be available for the first 30 teachers in attendance. Educators will also receive Continuing Education credits of 2 hours; light refreshments will be provided.