The Age of the Samurai: Teaching Tokugawa Japan

Although the Tokugawa Period [1600 - 1868] is sometimes depicted as a static and secluded chapter in Japan’s history, this workshop reveals the surprisingly dynamic cultural and economic changes that shaped Japan’s encounter with the U.S. and propelled its explosive modern growth. Featuring contributions from scholars of Japan from throughout the state, this full-day workshop provides teachers with vital context, award-winning multimedia resources, and ready-made lesson plans for engaging Japan in your classroom. Benefits include six hours of continuing education credit, over $50 worth of accessible books, films, and other media for teaching Tokugawa Japan, access to ready-to-use digital materials and lesson plans, and priority registration for Future NCTA programs

Image: Painting of Japanese and Dutch trade on Dejima (in Nagasaki), 1820, British Museum, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons