Great Books of East Asia Series: The Book of Tea, Modern Approaches to a Classic Text

Okakura Kakuzō’s Book of Tea is a classic expression of the philosophy and aesthetics of Japanese tea ceremony. In this online book workshop, teacher-participants will revisit Okakura's text, placing it into historical context and considering it critically in light of new approaches to understanding Japanese approaches to the practice of tea.

The online workshop will be led by Dr. Shawn Bender, associate professor of East Asian studies at Dickinson College, and feature a critical presentation on The Book of Tea by Dr. Rebecca Corbett, a scholar of Japanese tea ceremony at the University of Southern California. A session with Michele Beauchamp focused on potential applications of tea ceremony in the classroom will follow Dr. Corbett's presentation. Teacher-participants will come away from the workshop with a renewed appreciation of this text as well as suggested methods for introducing elements of Japanese tea ceremony into classrooms.

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